WE ARE SALT: Homegrown Hotels With Heart

WE ARE SALT: Homegrown Hotels With Heart

SALT is the progressive new hotel brand connecting modern explorers with meaningful travel experiences. Paul Jones, the CEO of The Lux Collective describes SALT as a humanistic approach to hospitality targeting the culturally curious. Devoted to the wonder of all things local and sustainable, SALT will take guests to people - not just places. It will reveal to guests the beating heart of destinations and their communities and get them out there exploring it – the SALT way.

SALT’s first property will open in Mauritius on 1 November 2018 and will lay the foundation for future development across the Indian Ocean, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It will put down roots in incredible and unpredictable destinations across the globe – urban, rural, iconic or obscure. While every SALT hotel will encompass shared values and commitments to its guests, each will be one-off and true to its location.

SALT hotels are first and foremost a launch pad for guests to discover their surroundings in the most authentic way, but also a stylish and simple base to relax, escape and recharge in. The design of each hotel will take inspiration from local colour, shape and motif, to infuse the vitality of local culture into the interiors and give guests a true sense of place. Outside the hotel, every guest will be equipped with the tools to get off the beaten path and behind the scenes. A bespoke guidebook written and photographed by locals, illustrated maps, a local SIM card and a choice of transport to explore independently – bicycles or cool convertibles.


SALT is for the traveller who wants to participate in community life at a deeper level. SALT has created a “Skill Swap” platform to offer guests the chance to get out there and exchange their knowledge and talent with the local community. It’s all about broadened horizons and deeper understandings, at the same time making long-lasting relationships.

Mindful of the busy lives led by people around the world, SALT creates the opportunity for guests to shed their worries and open their hearts & minds to a transformational experience. Every SALT hotel will have a wellness philosophy that brings guests together for swim and run clubs, yoga on the SALT Farm, trekking and other slow sport initiatives plus location-inspired activities. At SALT EQUILIBRIUM, guests can re-energise in the signature Salt Room and indulge in salt-based remedies and spa treatments.

It is palpable, rather than preached, that SALT has respect for an ethical, environmentally friendly way of living, working and being. The team has thought long and hard about what they care about and had a go at rewriting the rules. Where possible, SALT hotels get their needs from local sources; from the local soundtracks and musicians playing live, to the food, furniture, fabrics and toiletries. They prioritise fair trade, organic, non-toxic, and they limit energy use, waste and emissions. Compost, animal feed and recycling plants are a guarantee, along with a commitment to no buffets or single-use plastics.

Recognizing the strong connections between people, plate and planet and that our food choices have a major impact on the health of the environment and our guests, SALT is committed towards Good, Clean and Fair food. SALT adheres to Slow Food Travel and will give increased visibility to small-scale farmers in the region, and in turn hope to preserve local food culture and defend biodiversity, as they develop globally.

Every SALT will have its own farm and guests will be treated to delicious menus designed around what’s in season and nothing more, while the pantries will be stocked exclusively with homemade products. SALT makes a commitment from the start to always think deeply about how to challenge traditional ways of hosting guests at their hotels. And this is just the start of the story.

SALT’s visionary and CEO of The Lux Collective, Paul Jones, commented, “SALT was born from a demand for a more humanistic approach to hospitality – hotels that cater to an ever-growing audience of modern explorers and mindful travellers who travel to satisfy their curiosity and challenge their perception of the world. They want to connect with people - not just places - and they genuinely want to give something back. We call them Cultural Purists. And in creating SALT, I believe we can help facilitate these connections and create meaningful experiences for our guests and the communities in which we operate. The possibilities for contribution and collaboration are endless, and I think this is just the beginning of something very special indeed.


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