The Lux Collective and Lijiang Yulong Tourism Ltd celebrate a 10-year partnership in Yunnan, China

The Lux Collective and Lijiang Yulong Tourism Ltd celebrate a 10-year partnership in Yunnan, China

This year marks a decade-long partnership between Lijiang Yulong Tourism Ltd and global hospitality group The Lux Collective, which first began in 2013. In celebration of the milestone, Lijiang Yulong Tourism Ltd and LUX* Tea Horse Road have collaborated with international editorial photographer and author Michael Freeman to present an exclusive photo exhibition "Michael Freeman - Yunnan Through the Lens" in Lijiang, and also unveiled the Group’s soon-to-opened eighth LUX* Tea Horse Road China resort - LUX* Lashi Lake.

In summer 2008, Michael embarked on a major stop of his travels in China and fell in love with the 13th-century-old Tea Horse Road. His photography project there lasted two and a half years, resulting in the publication of the book Tea Horse Road in 2011. The well-received book captures the history, community, and culture of the Tea Horse Road, covering locations from Lijiang, and Shangri-La, to Nujiang and Tengchong. In 2016, Michael was commissioned by The Lux Collective to produce an introductory brochure named LUX* Tea Horse Road China, kickstarting the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. LUX* Tea Horse Road China is a collection of exquisite retreats located in some of the world’s most off-grid destinations.

To mark the anniversary, and Michael's return to the Tea Horse Road, the "Michael Freeman - Yunnan Through the Lens" exhibition was co-organised by Lijiang Yulong Tourism Ltd and The Lux Collective on 3 June 2023, supported by the Lijiang Photographers Association. A total of 36 of Michael’s masterpieces were exhibited at Lijiang with 100 local and overseas guests in attendance.

Mr He Xianzhong, Chairman of Lijiang Yulong Tourism Ltd said, "The photo exhibition celebrates our fruitful collaboration with LUX* Tea Horse Road. We are proud of our award-winning resorts which have been built around nature with a sense of place. With The Lux Collective, we look forward to developing the Lijiang tourism, bringing more personalised journeys to Yunnan.”

Ms Pu Hong, Secretary of Lijiang Municipal Party Committee attended the exhibition and held a formal meeting with Mr Paul Jones, Chief Executive Officer of The Lux Collective and Michael Freeman. Extending her congratulations, Ms Hong commented, “Showcasing world-renowned tourism and hospitality, Lijiang is an ancient city radiating the energy of modernity. I look forward to Mr Jones’ and Mr Freeman’s continual wonderful support in presenting the beauty and culture of Lijiang to the world and bringing the world to Lijiang." 

Veteran hotelier and Chief Executive Officer of The Lux Collective Mr Paul Jones said, “The city of Lijiang is rich in its cultural and tourism resources and has great potential for tourism market development. As a global hospitality group rooted in sustainability, The Lux Collective will continue to promote Lijiang as a destination to the international market, while elevating the art of hotel management and services, local hospitality talent development, and business development. With this, we aim to strengthen our strategic cooperation for the greater good in this beautiful Yunnan region of China.”

In 2014, LUX* Tea Horse Road opened its first hotel in Lijiang - an UNESCO World Heritage Site, as the cornerstone of The Lux Collective’s entry into the China market. During the past years, another six hotels and retreats along Tea Horse Road opened, including LUX* Benzilan, LUX* Sangushui, LUX* Peach Valley, LUX* Daju Village, LUX* Stone Town and LUX* Shangri-La.

As part of the celebrations, the two companies also jointly unveiled the upcoming opening of the eighth resort of LUX* Tea Horse Road China: LUX* Lashi Lake – with a symbolic handover ceremony onsite. Featuring nine thoughtfully designed rooms, a restaurant, and a Café LUX* with a view, this boutique retreat has a prime address located at the doorstep of the tranquil Lashi Lake. 

To discover a unique Yunnan journey with extraordinary experiences, visit LUX* Tea Horse Road.

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