The Lux Collective presents the Exclusive LUX* Expert-Led Wellness Workshop Series

The Lux Collective presents the Exclusive LUX<bdi>*</bdi> Expert-Led Wellness Workshop Series

From 18 April to 2 May 2024, The Lux Collective is thrilled to present an exclusive LUX*-branded Expert-Led Fitness Workshop Series across its four luxury resort destinations in Mauritius: LUX* Le Morne, LUX* Grand Gaube, LUX* Belle Mare and LUX* Grand Baie. Aimed to inspire a conscious lifestyle, guests can immerse in dynamic wellness experiences curated by industry leaders. Leading the workshops are Olivia Jarvis, fitness influencer and founder of the Live & Lift App, and Mason Canton-Brown, the accomplished professional rugby player and fitness coach.

Designed with a distinctive approach, the transformative wellness programme comprises thoughtful integration of fitness activities, pilates, meditation, spa treatments and nutritional guidance. Guests at LUX* Le Morne (18 & 19 April), LUX* Grand Gaube (23 & 24 April), and LUX* Belle Mare (26 & 27 April) will have the opportunity to sign up for a comprehensive package encompassing a diverse array of fitness and wellness experiences, along with credits for healthy culinary and retail offerings. Meanwhile, at LUX* Grand Baie (29 April – 2 May), a curated 4-day retreat awaits - focusing on holistic nutrition, high-energy strength sessions, balancing meditation, and fostering self-confidence.

Kerensa Langitan, Group Spa and Wellness Manager at The Lux Collective said, " With wellbeing as our core DNA, we aim to cultivate conscious living amongst our guests and introduce impactful transformative health-focus experiences across our resorts worldwide. Through collaborating with internationally renowned fitness experts, we are raising the industry wellbeing benchmark to another level. At LUX* Me Spa, we emphasise on self-care and fostering a balanced lifestyle, guiding our guests toward holistic well-being at every step of their journey."

To participate, guests have the option to stay at the hotel or to register solely for the workshops and retreat. Booking is required at least 24 hours prior to the workshop to ensure a seamless experience for all participants. For more information and registration, please visit the website: Wellness & Fitness Retreat | LUX* Grand Baie, LUX* Belle Mare, LUX* Grand Gaube, LUX* Le Morne.


The programme:

LUX* Le Morne

April 18, 2024

  • 08.30 am: Partner workout (45 mins)
    Beach series of fun and challenging partner exercises that encourage teamwork, communication, and trust.
  • 04.30 pm: Sunset Partner Pilates & Beach Meditation (60 mins)
    A gentle Pilates class emphasizing core strength and alignment followed by a guided meditation to set the intention for the days ahead.

April 19th, 2024

  • 11.00 am: Nutritional Workshop (60 mins)
    An educational session on balanced diets, meal planning, recipes, supplement advice and how to enjoy healthy eating.
  • 04.30: Sunset Partner Pilates & Beach Mediation (60 mins)
    A gentle Pilates class emphasising core strength and alignment followed by a guided meditation to set the intention for the days ahead.

LUX* Grand Gaube

April 23rd, 2024

  • 08.30 am: Vitality Parkour Bootcamp (45 mins)
    An excellent way to burn calories. This bootcamp is aimed to build strength, endurance and team spirit among those taking part.
  • 11.00 am: Mat Pilates & Meditation (60 mins)
    A Pilates class emphasizing core strength and alignment followed by a guided meditation to soothe the mind.

April 24th, 2024

  • 08.30 am: Cardio Laugh (60 mins)
    Kickstart the morning with a fun cardio session that will involve laughing and sweating. This class is all about feeling good and embracing wellness as a joyful journey.
  • 11.00 am: Mat Pilates & Meditation (60 mins)
    A Pilates class emphasising core strength and alignment followed by a guided meditation to soothe the mind.

LUX* Belle Mare

April 26th, 2024

  • 07.30 am: Sunrise Cardio Laugh (60 mins)
  • 11.00 am: Belle Mare Gym Challenge (45 mins)
    Pumping circuit class which includes bodyweight exercises, as well as dumbbells, bands and barbells.

April 27th, 2024

  • 09.00 am: Family Fun Run & Obstacle Course (45 mins)
    CrossFit-style family workout on the beach aimed to build connection and bonding.
  • 11.00 am: Nutritional Workshop (60 mins)

LUX* Grand Baie

April 29 - May 2nd, 2024

A wellness celebration to feel strong on the inside and out. It is a four-day retreat to approach change, be inspired by a more conscious lifestyle, and improve overall well-being. Discover different treatments, new fitness practices aimed at revitalising the muscles, correcting posture, and boosting self-confidence. From holistic nutrition workshop to rebalancing yoga and mindful practices - by our resident LUX* ME experts along with invited celebrity trainers.

Day 1

Arrival day

  • Meet & Greet with Olivia, Mason, and the resident wellness team.
  • Post-travel Hammam treatment or consultation.

Day 2

Morning Group session

  • Body Alignment & Strengthening Session with Olivia & Mason
  • Post-travel Hammam Treatment or consultation.
  • Beach time, Lunch, and Leisure.

Afternoon Group Session

  • Holistic Nutrition Workshop
  • Breathing & Meditation
  • Spa Signature treatment*
  • Dinner with Olivia and Mason.

Day 3

Morning Group session

  • Functional Fitness Fiesta with Olivia & Mason
  • Assisted Stretch/Spa Signature Treatment
  • Beach Time, Lunch, and Leisure

Afternoon Group Session

  • Self-Image and Confidence Workshop with Olivia & Mason*
  • Assisted Stretch and Spa Signature Treatment*
  • Dinner with Olivia and Mason

Day 4

Departure day

  • Farewell group meditation

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