SALT awarded the Positive Luxury label

SALT awarded the Positive Luxury label

The world of Mauritian hotels has witnessed many innovations in recent years, particularly in the area of sustainable development. The many initiatives put in place by The Lux Collective to reduce the environmental and social impact of its operations are the perfect illustration of this paradigm shift. This approach extends to all its brands and the latest, SALT of Palmar, has recently been awarded the 'Positive Luxury' label, which is a testament to its desire to operate while respecting the world around it and future generations.

The SALT brand is built around a culture synonymous with authenticity, respect for nature, discovery and interaction. SALT resorts operate according to very strict standards. Indeed, the SALT hotels do not have buffets and the organic waste generated is always composted or used as animal feed. "The Lux Collective has chosen to operate while fully respecting the environment and society. We find this same approach in the SALT brand. This new distinction underlines the commitment of our group to always work in a responsible manner, both towards the environment and society. it also shows our ongoing quest to seek innovative solutions to the challenges facing the travel and tourism industry," says Paul Jones, CEO of The Lux Collective.

"Our approach addresses our sources of supply but also our services, the objective being to preserve our planet and its inhabitants. This is how we guarantee healthy and eco-responsible food to our customers. In SALT hotels, we offer simple menus with daily specials made from the harvests of our farm and the nets of our fishermen. We consume seasonal products. Our proteins are sourced from local produce and anything that we cannot grow locally is sourced in an environmentally friendly way, demonstrating our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals," says Vishnee Sowamber, Group Sustainability & CSR Manager of The Lux Collective.


"Our principles shape how we act and inspire what we create, grow and organize. We are pleased that shortly after its launch, SALT of Palmar is already recognized for its commitment. Having a positive impact is not easy, but it is worth it. At SALT of Palmar, that means being responsible, creating jobs, giving back and appreciating what we're being given, being honest and fair. Thus, we sow seeds and we weave links. We support the local population and respect their environment. We do not pollute and we do not degrade. We are part of local life," adds Nitesh Pandey, Senior Vice President of The Lux Collective.

It is in the idyllic setting of the east coast of Mauritius that the first resort operating under the SALT brand is located. Inaugurated at the beginning of November, SALT of Palmar is the first hotel to offer a truly immersive experience to its residents by leading them to explore the surrounding environment and to discover the life of the inhabitants of the region.

Positive Luxury celebrates brands that act in respect for our world and future generations, while demonstrating transparency, through the Butterfly interactive label. Before awarding the label to a company or brand, Positive Luxury assesses its commitment to the planet. Good governance, social and environmental issues, philanthropy and innovation are the five criteria on which applicants are evaluated. Only companies that can provide tangible and verifiable evidence of their commitment, and have a score of at least 80% on the questionnaire, are awarded the Butterfly label.

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