Sustainable tourism: 8 LUX* Group hotels in the Indian Ocean are awarded the ‘Green Globe’ certification

Sustainable tourism: 8 LUX<bdi>*</bdi> Group hotels in the Indian Ocean are awarded the ‘Green Globe’ certification

The 8 hotels of LUX* Resorts & Hotels group in the Indian Ocean are now certified ‘Green Globe’. The hotels are LUX* Le Morne (Mauritius), LUX* Grand Gaube (Mauritius), LUX* Belle- Mare (Mauritius), Tamassa (Mauritius), Merville Beach (Mauritius), LUX* Saint-Gilles (Reunion Island), Le Récif Hotel (Reunion Island), and LUX* South Ari Atoll (Maldives). The award ceremony was held on Saturday 30 June.

This certification is an acknowledgment of our good performance regarding our sustainable development strategy, initiated years ago by the LUX* Resorts and Hotel group. This award also highlights the devotion of our team members from every department for they provide high quality service while being active participants in good governance, social responsibility, respecting ethical and environmental norms and committed to workers’ rights and equal opportunities when recruiting and promoting staff” says Paul Jones, Chief Executive Officer of the LUX* Group.

LUX* is the first hotel group to be listed on the sustainable development index of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and to adopt the integrated reporting as a member of the GRI Gold Community. In line with the sustainable development, LUX*’s strategy embodies current flagship projects, renowned both locally and internationally, such as the Tread Lightly by LUX*, and Ray Of Light by LUX*, aiming to increase the quality of life of the communities in which it operates.


Our sustainable development strategy in all our destinations involves different areas simultaneously. Our adherence to good governance practices, our CSR strategies and our ecological approach help to foster the concept of circular economy. The environment constitutes an element that our business depends on and it is our duty to preserve it for future generations. We believe that each sustainable development pillar is equally important, whether it be human rights, human resources, respecting others’ culture, including and integrating the communities which surround us or providing top-quality service. Good governance is crucial. We would like to thank every member of our team”, states Vishnee Sowamber, Group Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of the LUX* group.

Since its inception, LUX* has always built upon strong values such as integrity, innovation or leadership. All our hotels are delighted to welcome a recognition of their commitment to values and to LUX*’s commitment to sustainable development. This is many years of hard work which has been implemented in each of our hotels in all of our destinations”, highlights Dominik Ruhl, Chief Operating Officer at LUX*.

Green Globe is one of the most prestigious certification and Performance Improvement Programme specifically designed for the travel and tourism industry. This certification rewards hotels who opted for an approach aiming to improve the environmental and social management of their activities and relying on values such as good governance, human rights, transparency, independent audits, respect of cultures and ethics in human resource management and in their operations.

The auditing took place in February and March, it covered a complete list of more than 380 criteria and included departments which had to be evaluated and audited such as management, human resources, finances, accounting, purchases and kitchens, norms, legislations, etc. LUX* was awarded with the Green Globe certification (Standard 1.7), including the certification’s latest norms. The hotel group now forms part of other thousands of hotel groups worldwide having obtained this certification, demonstrating not only a commitment but a conviction to priorities sustainable tourism.

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