LUX* Le Morne earns the highest distinction for its fight against food waste: The Pledge all Star

LUX<bdi>*</bdi> Le Morne earns the highest distinction for its fight against food waste: The Pledge all Star

Following an intensive six-month training on the management and optimisation of food waste, LUX* Le Morne is proud to have been awarded “The Pledge All Star”, the highest distinction of the international certification “The Pledge on Food Waste.” The obtention of this label, a Singapore-based certification and benchmarking system, strengthens the resort’s commitment to sustainable development and its fight against Zero Food Waste, a journey on which it embarked in 2018.

“LUX* Le Morne has long been engaged in the war on food waste. We are fully dedicated to Zero Food Waste (refuse, reuse, recycle), which means that nothing should go to waste or end up in our bins! This training has provided us with all the tools and knowledge we need to meet our objective. And because this certification is recognised by the United Nations, it will help us champion our cause and hopefully inspire our guests to jump on the bandwagon,” explains Jérémie de Fombelle, General Manager of LUX* Le Morne.

The training, led by LightBlue Environmental Consulting, requires participants to comply with 95 criteria to be certified. LUX* Le Morne passed them all with flying colours, leading the resort to bag the prestigious Pledge All Star certification. It did exceptionally well in the categories “Greatest reduction in food waste per place setting”, “Greatest reduction in total food waste and reduction in CO2 equivalent” and “Zero food waste in landfill”.


The team at LUX* Le Morne is fully equipped to prevent food waste on a daily basis. Indeed, during the training, the hotel set up an advanced monitoring system (awareness programme, prevention of food loss along the supply chain, implementation of processes, etc) to instill a food waste conscious environment within its kitchen operations. The chefs are equally committed to going green and have crafted zero-waste menus, featuring recipes that use every single part of the ingredients, including vegetable peels, cuts of meat and bones that would generally be discarded.

As a reminder, The Pledge on Food Waste was launched in Mauritius to reduce food waste and cut carbon emissions by 30% by 2030, in a drive to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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