LUX* Le Morne Resort: Reopening after an inspiring transformation on the 1st of September 2021

LUX<bdi>*</bdi> Le Morne Resort: Reopening after an inspiring transformation on the 1st of September 2021

After 17 months of closure due to renovations and Covid-19, LUX* Le Morne Resort, the jewel on the south coast of Mauritius, part of LUX* Resorts & Hotels group, unveils a completely fresh perspective with minimalist elegance and refined interiors, deeply inspired by the destination. The romantic beachfront resort embodies the perfect chic contemporary island lifestyle and boasts immersive and inspiring experiences.

Re-awakening the beauty of the unique site

LUX* Le Morne Resort stands on one of the finest and most picturesque beach in the Indian Ocean and enjoys a unique location, between a majestic rocky mountain, a UNESCO World Site – Le Morne Brabant and a turquoise breath-taking lagoon. “As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, more travellers are seeking a sense of joy in connection with natural elements for a moment of peace and well-being. LUX* Le Morne Resort happily joined the bandwagon where minimalistic design blends harmoniously with nature as one entity. One of things we wanted was also to preserve the soul of this place, as it’s full of emotions, freshness, and wildlife, as well as to re-adapt to conscious human and environmental challenges along the way ” comments Jeremie de Fombelle, the resort’s General Manager.

For this remarkable re-birth, the services of the internationally renowned, Mauritian Architect and Creative Director, Jean Marc Tang, have been retained. He spent the past 20 years based in London and New York, creating and delivering the most prestigious international projects and brands. From the wood furniture, delicate bedding, linen, decorative painting, bath amenities or even lamps, after being designed by Jean-Marc, all have been shaped through the expert hands of meticulous local craftsmen to sublimate the re-imagined 5-star luxury resort.


74 rooms and 75 suites where softness, nature and elegance reign

Imagine hearing birds singing, palm leaves gently swaying in the wind and of course the melodic sounds of the waves gently lapping onto the beach. The modern and minimalist aesthetic of each suite is filled with natural textures, perfect for guests seeking harmony and peace. It is elegance in all simplicity. The colours revolves around earthy colour palette, natural themes, and curvy patterns, abundant wood and stone, bringing softness and recalling the light beach lifestyle. Opening the back door invites in, a unique set up of tropical outdoor showers with large exotic plants, the front door, on the other hand, invites you on a deck overlooking the sea, all featuring an oversized terry to lie on after a magical dip in the Indian Ocean. When the sun sets, sunlight often pours in through the vast windows, onto the soft bed linen, creating a warm and romantic cocoon that provides an intimate and soothing atmosphere. The walls of each room and suites are painted white to accentuate the airy space, while big glass openings allow natural air to filter in, creating a positive flow of energy. The perfect balance between comfort and serenity! Bringing organic touch and natural elements in the design boosts health, support wellbeing and enhances the experience of the guests.

Unexpected Experiences to enjoy…

LUX* Le Morne Resort invites guests to discover inspiring adventures through bespoke experiences. The resort’s bar, a vibrant space, has been designed for more of a sharing experience. It will definitely be your all-day favourite place to laze around, to read a book, or to enjoy an aperitif while enjoying the view of the sea. Overlooking the lagoon is The Terrace, shaded with palm trees and exotic plants. This is the perfect place for romantic night whilst enjoying canapés and champagne Apero surrounded by hundreds of candles, creating a magical and unforgettable scene to remember for life. While walking in the garden, look up, and spot the lovely treehouse, perched in the Indian Almond tree by the seashore. It is the dreamiest spot at sunset. And if you get up there early enough, you may even spot dolphins or opt for a signature massage. If you are a curious about the art of catching sea urchins, then you should definitely meet Vik at his beach shack, aptly called VIK’S. You will learn a lot on how to catch fresh octopuses and can also taste freshly caught sea-urchins on the beach. The resort has curated tailor-made experiences, for instance, a focus on more outdoor times enables travellers to experience lesser-known and much more meaningful activities.

Working with community and environment protection in mind

During the refurbishment, a particular attention has been paid to the selection of unique materials such as fabric, wood, marble and glass. 99% of the materials were sourced from local companies. The goal was not only to help stimulate the regional economy but more importantly to create and maintain jobs in these difficult times, while supporting families and the community as a whole. Emphasis was also placed on increasing the energy efficiency of the resort, while reducing the ecological footprint all by using recycled materials and sustainable building. As travellers think more carefully about the way they travel, LUX* Le Morne aims to minimise its carbon footprint on the planet.

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