LUX* Le Morne scoops up “Platinum ECOsmart Venue” Greengage Certification

LUX<bdi>*</bdi> Le Morne scoops up “Platinum ECOsmart Venue” Greengage Certification

LUX* Le Morne, which has been setting itself apart for its high environmental standards and approach to sustainable tourism, has added yet another green feather to its cap this June. The resort secured the “ Platinum ECOsmart” accreditation by Greengage Solutions, an independent sustainability and environmental auditor. The resort, which forms part of The Lux Collective, was rewarded for its strong commitment to eco-friendly standards and its proactive approach to transforming sustainability into a sensational guest experience. This award coincided with World Environment Day, celebrated on 5th June.

“Sustainable development must be lived. This is where hotels have a unique opportunity to do their bit for sustainability: when players from the tourism industry, clients and the population truly experience what it means to live sustainably. Tourists want to see a tangible commitment, and this is why we curated “Collectable Experiences”, which aim to promote environmental habits among both our clients and employees. Obtaining this environmental certification is, above all, the promise of an ethical, sustainable stay, and of an environmental management approach that is both efficient and dynamic,” shares Jérémie de Fombelle, Regional General Manager of LUX* Resorts & Hotels for Mauritius and Reunion Island.


LUX* Le Morne offers a whole range of environmentally-friendly activities. Amongst them, “plogging” in the Black River Gorges National Park, an activity that invites travellers to pick up litter while jogging. Other activities include a program for the reforestation of endemic species, a 100% vegan lunch at the heart of nature and a massage, using organic coconut oil, on a boat in the middle of the ocean. The resort is completely immersed in the local life, from offering training sessions to hospital staff on the art of hospitality and good customer relationship practices, to running environmental awareness campaigns in schools in the Press Release region. It is worth mentioning that LUX* Le Morne recently received the prestigious “Pledge All Star” certification, the highest international distinction, for its Zero Food Waste programme.

According to Medha Budoo, Head of Sustainability at LUX* Le Morne, “these inspiring experiences create a strong emotional connection between man and nature, develop ecological attitude and behaviours in our clients, and establish a sense of closeness between the traveller and the destination. We are determined to normalise the idea of “sustainable tourism” and explore new strategies to take our ambitions to the next level.”

What did it take for the hotel to earn the acclaimed Platinum status? Responding to this, Andrew Perolls, CEO of Greengage Travel & Event Solutions, points out that “LUX* Le Morne offers an incredible and seamless combination of five-star luxury and an ecological approach. We are deeply impressed by the way in which sustainability considerations have been embedded into the hotel’s operational strategy, in a way that elevates the guest experience.”

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