LUX* Grand Gaube's wildly creative LUX* Me Concept gathers all of 2018's new wellness trends under one roof

LUX<bdi>*</bdi> Grand Gaube's wildly creative LUX<bdi>*</bdi> Me Concept gathers all of 2018's new wellness trends under one roof

The Global Wellness Summit’s 2018 trends report proclaims 2018 a “new era of transformative travel.” As travellers shift from experiential to transformative travel, hotel chains are deploying wildly creative offers to capture a segment of the Wellness Tourism’s $536b market (the global Wellness industry is estimated at $3.72 trillion.) LUX* Grand Gaube is no exception to the rule. The newly revamped retro-chic tropical retreat offers an all-encompassing wellness offer under one roof - LUX* Me.

“Today’s travellers are more informed about wellness than they’ve ever been before, and they know it isn’t a onesize-fits-all ordeal. We cater to the modern traveller,” says Kerensa Langitan Group Spa & Wellness Manager. If a percent of the health-nut travellers are checking into far-flung, confined wellness retreats, the majority are simply looking for a holiday that won’t wreak havoc on their health routine. Sure they still want to indulge, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to wake up and hit their yoga mat.

LUX* Grand Gaube’s natural surroundings are conducive to going outdoors. Set on a private peninsula, the resort has two swimming pools, two beaches, and a lagoon. Guests may relax by reading in a hammock under a palm tree, make some art at the Junk Art studio, or even write a wish at Tree of Wishes. The feeling of goodness and well-being extends to the food scene as well. The resort’s impressive array of dining options include plenty of wholesome salads, a full-fledged Veggie Heaven menu, vegan dishes, smoothies, pressed juice and other healthy dishes and treats.

LUX* Me comprises three branches: LUX* Me Spa, LUX* Me Beauty, and LUX* Me Wellness. The group’s holistic approach to wellbeing includes the Carita method, Mindfulness meditation and everything in between, forming a wellness haven, a sanctuary of all things beautiful. For health-seekers, LUX* Grand Gaube hits a sweet spot. In each of the suites, guest can peruse three separate menus and book whichever treatment they feel like. The ‘Me Time’ option allows you to design your own series of treatments. First stop - the bright and airy LUX* Me Spa with its minimalist design and warm lighting that screams zen.


From the moment guest step into the beautiful space, their senses are awakened. LUX* takes it a step further, partnering with guru Shirley Page to design the LUX* Me range of beauty essentials, which not only complements our ‘Spa’ offer but is a way for our guests to take home a bit of LUX*. The LUX* Me offer comprises of Shirley Page’s cult favorite and wildly luxurious aromatherapies, the Kerastase flagship salon, the fabulous Essie nail bar, and the Murdock barbershop, where men can get a trim by a London-trained barber while sipping a glass of bourbon. A partnership with Carita Paris, whose ‘Augmented Beauty’ principles combine chemistry and aesthetics, provides a whole range of facials and age-defying treatments, including the Cinétic Lift Expert.

With its twelve treatment rooms, hammam, sauna, three pools-ice cold, hot and lukewarm - and extensive amenities, the LUX* Me spa offers an invigorating experience. LUX* even has its very own Wellness Concierge Burwing Caetan trained expert in fitness and understanding of the human anatomy. He also runs the intimate, state-of-the-art gym, leads Bootcamp style workouts on the beach and offers personal coaching. “Many of our guests love Instagram and follow numerous accounts of star trainers and fitness gurus. We want to provide them with that same experience but in real life,” notes Burwing, the resort’s Wellness Concierge, and Head Fitness Coach.

Wellness guru and founder of the Mind Body Method, Kamran Bedi, is taking his London-based practice on the road this summer with an 8-day retreat at the LUX* Grand Gaube from 21-28 August 2018. The weeklong retreat caters to those who tend to overachieve and overwork themselves but also for those in search of the next cool experience.

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Last week, LUX* ME Spa at LUX* South Ari Atoll in the Maldives has been elected as the Winner of the 2018 World Luxury Spa and Restaurant Awards. This luxury resort in the Maldives made for peaceful off-the-grid retreats offers a truly integrated approach to Wellbeing. LUX* Me at LUX* South Ari Atoll is all about a personalised approach to your wellbeing, whether it be spa, fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition or a unique combination tailored especially to your needs.

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