Empowering women through Sustainable Art: LUX* Grand Gaube hosts "Transforming Waste into Treasures" at the Junk Art Gallery

Empowering women through Sustainable Art: LUX<bdi>*</bdi> Grand Gaube hosts

LUX* Grand Gaube, an eco-conscious retro-chic resort under The Lux Collective, has recently launched its transformative community-based project, “Transforming Waste into Treasures”. Driven by its commitment to sustainability, this project seeks to empower and uplift the women in the village of Grand Gaube, equipping them with skills while championing environmental responsibility through innovative repurposing of waste materials.

Under the leadership of General Manager Stephan Anseline, LUX* Grand Gaube extends its care to impact the local community. Mr. Anseline shared, “Under our ‘Circle of Care’ initiative, this project reflects our commitment towards sustainable development. We must give back to the society that supports us. With the 'Transforming Waste into Treasures' project, our goal is resolute - to empower the women of our village, fostering personal growth and entrepreneurship skills, all while contributing to a greener, more sustainable world."

This initiative marked collaboration and creativity. The women of Grand Gaube embark on a bi-monthly journey to the project site, a space of artistic exploration and learning. Here, they learn the art of pyrography, which involves adorning wood and other materials through controlled burning. Transcending waste, glass bottles that would typically be discarded find new life as they are crafted into decorative objects. The team reshapes different waste materials, diminishing their environmental impact that might otherwise contribute to landfills.

The "Transforming Waste into Treasures" initiative goes beyond creating mere decorative pieces; it embodies LUX* Grand Gaube's dedication to ensuring sustainable practices and environmental mindfulness within the local community.

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