LUX* Belle Mare embraces The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste Certification

LUX<bdi>*</bdi> Belle Mare embraces The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste Certification

This year, more than ever, LUX* Belle Mare affirms its commitment to operate as a responsible business, to reduce its impact on the environment and to adopt sustainable practices by embracing the PLEDGE™ on Food Waste Certification.

As part of this engagement towards environmental sustainability and concerned with its “Food Print”, LUX* Belle Mare is committed to creating a food waste conscious environment within its food operations. A journey that has started with Beach Rouge beach club-meets-restaurant; enrolled to participate in The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste certification in July 2021.

After 2 months of brainstorming and action planning with the LUX Belle Mare Food Lovers Committee, the waste monitoring started on 1st of October 2021.

In 3 months, Beach Rouge has reduced its average food waste including of preparation, spoilage and guest plate waste from 186g per cover to 98g per cover.

Throughout this meaningful path of Food Waste reduction, LUX* Belle Mare has been guided and accompanied by FoodWise and LightBlue Consulting and will continue to increase its contribution.

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